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Glee Kink Meme Kurt/ Blaine Fill- Ice

The recent power outage in Lima had everyone working hard to beat the heat. Since the air conditioning didn't work, public pools were overcrowded, and you could only go in for a half an hour, since they had to put the people through shifts. Not that Kurt would go to a public pool. Kurt hadn't driven out to see Blaine in days since he dreaded having to fill up his gas tank in the weather and arriving at Blaine's all sweaty. His fuel was low and he undoubtedly would have his AC on full blast the whole drive there, so a fill up would be inevitable. Finn had taken up residence in his room, taking several cold water showers a day, and clearing out their freezer of Popsicles and ice cream. Burt and Carole were spending the days lounging on the couches with lemonade and books, small battery operated fans providing some relief, but not much.

Kurt had his own method of keeping cool. It involved ice baths and spending all of his waking hours stark naked in his room. He was thankful for his private bathroom, which meant he never had to leave his room except to get more ice, and eat if he felt like it. After the third day though, Kurt couldn't take it anymore.

"Blaine!" Kurt gasped into the phone as he sat curled in the half full bathtub, ice cubes floating around in the water with him.

"Yes? Kurt, are you okay?" Kurt groaned as he sank deeper into the chilly water. "The stupid power outage. It got up to 100 here today, and we don't have any AC. Our freezer doesn't work for shit either, and we've been having to buy ice from the grocery store. I haven't left the house in three days. It's too hot!" Blaine made a noise of pity.

"Kurt, I'm so sorry. I would ask you to come over, but it's so far away, like an hour. We have air conditioning though. Could I pick you up? Would your parents mind?" Kurt sighed in relief.

"No, no Blaine they wouldn't. Of course you can pick me up. Please do."

"Alright then. See you in about an hour."

"My hero."


"Bye Carole! Bye Dad! I'm going to Blaine's house! He has power!"

Carole and Burt looked over at him weakly, smiling and nodding. "Have a nice time honey. Be back before dark." Carole said sweetly. Burt mumbled gruffly.

"Leave the door open... where I can see you..." Kurt nodded slowly. The heat was definitely getting to his dad.

"Love you too Dad." Kurt was about to exit the front door when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see Finn clad in nothing but his underwear. Kurt a year ago would have killed to have a nearly naked Finn touch his shoulder, but now it was merely irritating.

"Dude. He has AC? Take me with you." Kurt shook his shoulder to get Finn's hand off. "Not a chance. Go to the pool if you want to stay cool Finn. Maybe I would have let you come if you hadn't eaten all the popsicles the day the power went out."

"I didn't want them to melt!" Kurt nodded.

"Mhmmm. And I don't want you to come. Goodbye."

Kurt tried to open and shut the door fast, for the sake of his brother. Still, when he slid into the car beside Blaine, his boyfriend asked.

"Was that... Finn?" Kurt nodded.


"In nothing but his..."


"Whyyyyyyyy?" Kurt rolled his eyes.

"It's hot Blaine. See, right now you have hair gel in. If you wore that inside our house it would be melting and you'd be sweating it out. I've spent most of the past three days naked, because any clothing was just too much." Blaine's eyebrow quirked up at this.

"What I wouldn't give to have seen that." Kurt rolled his eyes. "Okay, enough talking. Drive Anderson, drive."


"Well, uh, welcome I guess." Blaine said as he walked into the house, his arm around Kurt's waist. Kurt giggled.

"I've been here before Blaine. God, you are just too cute." Blaine looked over at Kurt, a lewd smile crossing his features.

"My parents are on vacation, so we have the house to ourselves." Kurt smiled back.

"Oh. Well that's great. Oooh! Your freezer!" Kurt rushed out of Blaine's arms and over to the freezer, opening it and sticking his head in it, sighing at the wash of cool air over him. The freezer was huge, and stocked well, filled with ice cream and Popsicles and other frozen treats.

"Can I have a Popsicle?" Kurt turned to ask Blaine who smiled and nodded.

"Of course you can have one." Kurt selected one, and Blaine shut the freezer.

"You don't want one?" Blaine shook his head.

"Not hungry." Blaine's arm reassumed it's position around Kurt's waist as they walked up the stairs to Blaine's room.

"It's not about being hungry, it's about being hot." "

Well, you are hot, so of course you need one." Kurt rolled his eyes.

"Wow Blaine. That sucked. You suck." Blaine nodded in agreement.

"You say it like it's a bad thing."


"Oh. My. God. This tastes so fucking awesome." Blaine blinked at Kurt, who was currently moaning at the taste of the cold Popsicle, not having had one in days with the coolness being a humongous relief.

"Uhm. That's nice." Blaine shook his head smiling at the boy.

"You have no idea. It's so cold, and the cold is so good..." Kurt trailed off, catching Blaine's gaze, and staring deep into his eyes. Blaine was still, wondering what Kurt was about to do, when he felt the icy presence of Kurt's saliva slick Popsicle on his cheek, Kurt running the frozen treat down his face, and along his neck, making him shiver. His eyes slipped shut as Kurt leaned in to trace the frosty path he had made with his tongue. "

Kurt..." The name slipped out after a moan of Blaine's. With that, Blaine was flat on his back in a second, Kurt having pushed him down onto the bed, Kurt's hand on his chest.

"I think it's a bit too hot for that shirt you're wearing," Kurt stated simply, licking at his Popsicle a few more times while he watched Blaine remove the garment and toss it carelessly aside. Blaine wasn't exactly sure what was going on, but he didn't want to break what was happening here with words, so he kept silent except for the shakiness of his anticipatory breathing.

Blaine watched Kurt as he took another lick of the Popsicle, and leaned in as if to kiss him, stopping a little bit short to run the flat of his tongue along Blaine's lips. With a gasp at the coldness, Blaine's mouth fell open, and he almost frowned when he saw the smile on Kurt's face at surprising him. "Hey. That's cold." Kurt rolled his eyes.

"The point Blaine." Kurt ran his tongue up and down the Popsicle again, and this time leaned in to kiss him for real, slipping his cooled tongue inside the comparatively warm mouth of Blaine. Blaine's eyes, which had slid shut, flew open as Kurt stroked his tongue against the roof of his mouth, along the back of his teeth, touching the tip of Kurt's own, to Blaine's tongue. Without the normal heat of Kurt's mouth, and the new presence of the cherry flavor, everything was familiar, but different. Different in a good way though. Kurt was right; the cold was good. He whined a little as he felt the coldness dissipate, warmed back up by their kissing. Kurt pulled back, grinning. "Do you like it?" Blaine nodded.

"That's really cool.... Uh, like, it feels good, and kinda strange, but awesome." Kurt nodded slowly, before swiping the half eaten Popsicle down Blaine chest, admiring the sticky wet trail of sugar and red dye it left. Blaine jolted and frowned.

"Ok. That did not feel good." Kurt giggled and smiled, shaking his head.

"Sorry. Well, I know something that will feel good. But, you have to do something for me in return." Kurt leaned down to lick a line from the bottom to top of Blaine sternum, cleaning up the Popsicle there, before sitting back up and tracing circles on Blaine's lower stomach with his finger, the touch teasing, as the paths remained below his navel, right above the belt.

"Do what? What will you do? What do I have to do?" Blaine squirmed beneath Kurt's all too light touch, and whined as Kurt passed his hand ever so gently over the front of his pants. "Kurt, please." Kurt laughed, and spoke to him.

"I'm going to put this," he waved the Popsicle, "between your teeth, don't take it out okay? Make sure it doesn't break." That sounded easy enough to Blaine, who accepted the treat, and held it gingerly between his teeth. Kurt smiled to himself a little, knowing that Blaine didn't know where he was going with this. "Be really careful not to break it Blaine, or else you'll have to be punished." Kurt had to bite back a smirk at the flicker of surprise and lust in Blaine's eyes at the warning. So he occupied his mouth with licking at the Popsicle between Blaine's teeth, the boy on bottom getting more and more frustrated at it being in the way of his tongue against Kurt's. He whined a little, involuntarily, and shut up quick when Kurt moved on from Blaine's mouth to place his head over Blaine's stomach, placing a downward line of kisses with his chilly lips before trailing his tongue back up to dip into Blaine's collarbone. His boyfriend jerked at the coldness, a single note of complaint rang out his blocked mouth, the Popsicle rendering him unable to speak.

A trickling sensation down his cheek showed up on Blaine's radar suddenly, and as he moved to wipe it off with his hand, he felt Kurt's on his own, gentle, but firm. Instead, Kurt slurped up the watery sweet icemelt that was running out the side of Blaine's mouth, and pressing a kiss to the corner of his lips spoke to him, "You're forgetting to swallow love." After the feel of Kurt's tongue on his face, Blaine's eyes were wide, and his breathing shallow, and his Adam's apple bobbed with his nervous gulp. Kurt's soft smile of approval almost had Blaine smiling back, except for the frustrating obstruction in his mouth that had his jaw beginning to quiver with the desire to just bite down. But he couldn't. Kurt still had more.

Blaine groaned softly as Kurt swiped his tongue down his stomach, and began placing kisses beneath his belly button, his mouth only a couple inches from where Blaine wanted it to be. Kurt nipped at Blaine's hipbone, peeking over his low riding pants, and then premptively held down Blaine's hips, not wanting to get in the face with Blaine's zipper like he knew he would other wise. he kept on teasing, placing a short line of kisses on the seam of Blaine's jeans, making him clutch at the sheets, and struggle against Kurt's frm grip holding him down. His face was nearing the color of the cherry popsicle now, with the pent up frustration and need for Kurt's mouth, and the ability to close his own. His boyfriend was evil.

"You're doing well Blaine," Kurt chuckled softly, lowering his mouth around Blaine's nipple, giving it a flick with his still slightly cool tongue. Blaine's jaw was trembling dangerously now, as he fought to keep his mouth from closing. But then Kurt gave him a ravenous look of desire, keeping eye contact with him until the last moment when he grazed his teeth over Blaine's nipple, the teasing touch not nearly enough but too much for Blaine. He groaned, crunching down hard on the Popsicle and feeling it crumble, the stick snapping in his mouth as his chest rolled up to get more of Kurt's mouth. He flopped back down on the bed, pulling the sticks out of his mouth, discarding them on his bedside table, and swallowing what he could of the Popsicle, the rest ran in a slushy mess down the sides of his face. Kurt, laughing, was there immediately to clean him up, pressing a freezing kiss to his lips. Blaine sat up and sighed.

"That was an unfair game Kurt." Kurt laughed, nodding.

"I know, but, you broke it, so now you're getting punished." Blaine pouted.

"Fine. How?" Kurt didn't hesitated for a moment, he already had it figured out. "You. Handcuffed to the bed. Naked. And ice cubes. Ice cubes everywhere." Blaine groaned, but reluctantly agreed. As much as he hated to admit it, he liked that idea.

It gave him the shivers.

Not really that smutty, and it's a popsicle instead of ice, but I hope that this is okay!


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Jun. 16th, 2012 08:17 pm (UTC)
pffft your stories sucks big time!your Blaine is moron and a pussy and not a man yuck!
Jun. 17th, 2012 07:39 pm (UTC)
I'd love suggestions on how to improve my writing, so constructive criticism would be nice. Your comment really wasn't helpful, I mean, sorry you didn't like it, but thanks for your opnion!
Jan. 8th, 2013 02:50 pm (UTC)
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